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Diversity Matters

By the AOSA Diversity Sub-Committee

Managing issues related to teaching music from cultures other than the one with which we identify can be intimidating. Most of us want to present the music with integrity and respect, yet we know that Orff Schulwerk has a European root. Here is a top-10 list of things to consider while planning culturally diverse lessons.

1. How familiar am I with the traditional music of the culture I wish to present?

2. Do I have proper knowledge about the musical and cultural context(s) of the specific piece I want to teach?

3. Am I sharing real musical examples to see and hear?

4. How can I use strategies of Orff Schulwerk process to teach music of a different culture?

5. What similarities and differences can I address regarding music elements and instruments across cultures?

6. Have I considered multiple places to seek resources? Where?

7. How aware am I of the acceptance of my students and community?
8. How can I include this in my curriculum?

9. Are my musical skills able to respectfully represent this culture, and have I considered the best approach with the amount of class time available?

10. Did I consider the changing world and the consequences of cultural change on the music?

Look for specific lesson plans relating to teaching music from many cultures and additional articles on this topic during future Summer and Winter issues of Reverberations.

Reverberations - Summer 2015

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