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Reverberations: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Welcome to the June/July 2019 issue of Reverberations: Teachers Teaching Teachers. Other articles in this issue may be accessed from the links in the At-a-Glance table, and can be downloaded and printed using the included PDF files. Please refer to the AOSA Copyright Policy before printing multiple copies.   

June/July 2019 At-A-Glance

Book Reviews
Children's Books:
A Year in Review

From The Orff Echo

Professional Development
Professional Learning Communities
For Music Teachers

By Katie Traxler

For Your Classroom
Grant Writing: What to Ask For?
Who to Ask? How to Apply

By Victor Lozada

Executive Director's Column
Time Flies...
By Carrie Barnette

Time Flies...

By Carrie Barnette, AOSA Executive Director

In just a few short weeks my kids will begin school. I don’t know when it happened, but somehow I have a fifth grader and an eighth grader. I feel like I was just kissing their scraped knees and checking under their beds for monsters. Now I’m helping the oldest pick out clothes for his middle school dance and the youngest prepare for his last year of elementary school. Time does fly…

It’s been eight years since my first AOSA conference in Pittsburgh, PA in 2011. When I started with AOSA that April 2011, there were many big tasks: membership retention and growth, communications overhaul, growth of endowments, organizational management review and redirection, celebration of 50 years, and so much more. And in the past 8 years, AOSA has grown and changed and become more than what it was when I began. Time does fly…

Eight years ago, there was little in the way of a digital footprint for AOSA. And now we have an on-line video library, online resources, a conference mobile app, a digital monthly resource guide, and regular email and online communications. All this as we work to change to meet the needs of our busy, mobile members.  Time does fly…

So, as I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about the past, I realize that as time flies, so must we if we want to be ready and available for what the future holds. And just as I’m changing how I communicate with, help, and generally interact with my now tween and teen boys, we must do the same with AOSA.

In order to keep up with and stay ahead of the times, AOSA has invested in the development of a customized database and membership portal to better serve our growing digital-native membership. We are growing our video library, turning it into a resource guide for not only videos, but also written articles, sound files, and more so members have a filterable clearinghouse for resources needed to better serve their students. We are adding The Orff Echo index to this resource library and making back issues of the publication available digitally. Reverberations: Teachers Teaching Teachers continues to expand to provide monthly access to information and ideas to help you grow as an educator. We are expanding our Professional Learning Network Webinar opportunities to provide current, interactive, digital access to your peers to discuss how to be better OS educators. In early July we are launching a new AOSA app for conference interface as well as access to these digital resources through your mobile platform. And before you know it, a new public website specifically targeting potential members of AOSA will be unveiled. Time does fly… AOSA is riding the front edge of it as we enhance our services to best serve you in this new era of education and culture in the U.S.

So, watch your email for updates. Check the website regularly to see what’s new. Stay connected on social media. Download the AOSA app. Remember that we are just a click, swipe, or keystroke away with great resources specifically developed to support you in your on-going growth as an Orff Schulwerk educator. It’s time…

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Reverberations - June/July 2019

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