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Reverberations: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Welcome to the June/July 2018 issue of Reverberations: Teachers Teaching Teachers. Other articles in this issue may be accessed from the links in the At-a-Glance table, and can be downloaded and printed using the included PDF files. Please refer to the AOSA Copyright Policy before printing multiple copies.   

June/July 2018 At-A-Glance
2018 Professional Development Conference
Celebration Cincinnati: Where Imaginations Fly
By Sarah Fairfield and Al Heary

Integrating Children's Literature
 Into the Music Classroom

By Joshua Southard

Book Reviews
Children's Books:
A Year in Review

From The Orff Echo

AOSA History
Adult Reflections On Memories
of a Childhood Orff Performance
Compiled By Marjie Van Gunten


2018 Professional Development Conference

Celebration Cincinnati: Where Imaginations Fly

By Sarah Fairfield and Al Heary, National Conference Chairs


Pack your bags for the 2018 AOSA Professional Development Conference, November 7-10 in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio at the Duke Energy Center. This year’s conference offers a variety of itineraries to meet your PD needs.

Featured Presenters:

Richard Gill, internationally renowned conductor and educator, delves into the complex issue of improvisation incorporating speech, percussion, song and movement.


Jay Broeker, well known Orff Schulwerk teacher educator and composer, navigates advanced techniques for melodic improvisation and composition.


Angela Broeker, Director of Choral Studies at the University of St. Thomas, shares her expertise in acquiring, preparing, and presenting diverse world music to young singers in her session, “Is There an APP for That?”


More Special Presenters:

Rene Boyer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Cincinnati known for her contributions to inner city and urban education, takes us on a journey through the Underground Railroad in her session “Let’s Get on Board!”

Peter & Mary Alice Amidon, AOSA Advocates, travel with us “Off the Beaten Path,” teaching new and old dances and mixers.

Jim Solomon, master Orff pedagogue, frequent clinician and author, guides us through his session, “Rhymes with Rockin’ Rhythms.”

Chris Judah-Lauder, Past President of AOSA and nationally recognized clinician, leads us to “Drum, Dance and Play the AOSA Way.”

Matthew Stensrud, AOSA approved Teacher Educator of Movement journeys into the “Responsive Classroom” with his sessions focused on playfulness, discovery, and exploration.

A complete list of conference sessions is available on the Conference Program page.

Children’s Performances:

  • The Welcome Ceremony features the Sycamore Maverick Ensemble, a select group of 4th grade students, directed by Benjamin Schneider.
  • Dragon Scale Mallets, a middle school percussion group from Las Vegas, directed by Kay Lehto, performs Thursday evening.
  • College Hill Stick Band, 5th and 6th graders from Cincinnati, directed by Tim Fuchtman, performs Friday afternoon.
  • Loveland Mallet Madness, a 4th grade percussion group, directed by Michele Henn, performs Saturday afternoon.

Special Events:

  • Make new friends at the Wednesday evening contra dance, featuring the Conference Cat Herders, a group of local musicians.
  • Thursday evening events include Rene Boyer leading a Gospel Jubilee, Chris Judah-Lauder presenting “Let’s Drum,” or the Midnight Historical Society!
  • Begin your Friday evening with the 50th Anniversary Concert, followed by community dancing with the Amidons. Attend Karen Benson’s recorder session, featuring the music of Elizabeth Gilpatrick, or drum the night away with Jim Solomon.
  • End your professional development experience with a Fireside Chat presented by AOSA President Tiffany English and international featured presenter Richard Gill.

Banquet: Celebrate our 50th Anniversary with class and style by attending the banquet!  Let your imagination fly and dress in any decade from our founding on. Let the music of The Company entertain you while you enjoy the party with friends. Plan ahead to share a table with local chapter members, colleagues from your summer levels course, or a group of friends from across the country. You may reserve your table after July 1.

Marketplace: The Marketplace hosts AOSA Industry Members featuring the latest and greatest in classroom instruments, Orff Schulwerk publications, and unique items to support your teaching. This is a great chance to research purchases, talk to the experts, and try before you buy!

Register Early: Make your reservations now to attend. Registration opened June 1st. Be sure to register soon to get the sessions at the top of your list!

Additional Information on hotels, college credit, and more can be found on the
2018 Conference website.

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Reverberations - June/July 2018

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